Can You Learn HTML In a Day? HTML Basics and Alternatives

Is it possible to learn HTML in a day?

Need to create a website fast?

1. Using a visual website builder

Why use a site builder?

2. Build a website with WordPress

Why create a website using WordPress?

3. Code a website with HTML

Why code your own website?

How to learn HTML

What is HTML?

HTML elements

  • <html>: specifies a document is HTML
  • <head>: contains the metadata describing the document
  • <body>: defines the content of the HTML page
  • <title>: displays the page name
  • <h1> to <h6>: heading sizes
  • <p>: creates a new paragraph
  • <br>: adds a line break
  • <ol> and <ul>: ordered and unordered list
  • <img>: inserts image
  • <link>: connects external content

The structure of an HTML page

What is CSS?

  • Selector — points to an element in the HTML document.
  • Declaration — defines how the element should be styled.
  • Property/Value — what makes up the declaration.

What is JavaScript?

What is PHP?

What is a framework?

Wrapping up




I write about the things I am passionate about.

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Lillian Winsley Jr.

Lillian Winsley Jr.

I write about the things I am passionate about.

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